Two computing giants left us recently

In amongst the more general news (i.e. society going to hell in a handbasket, World War III, all that), you could be forgiven for having missed the news in the smaller world of IT: we lost two giants of our field in recent weeks.

On April 13th we lost the internet pioneer Bob Taylor, and just a few days before Harry Huskey, passed away at the amazing age of 101 on April 9th.

Bob Taylor is most well-known for forging ahead with ARPANET — which of course ultimately gave us t’internet — but he also worked at Xerox PARC in its heyday, involved in developments that as we know, brought GUIs and the Macintosh to us.

Meanwhile, Harry Huskey was a trailblazer who worked on the Pilot ACE with Alan Turing, the ENIAC project, and many others, going on to become a giant in the worlds of computer science and education. Huskey is notable also as the father of the “personal” computer in that he designed the first machine designed to be operated by one person.

Amazing people, and we should all note their passing.

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Christmas 2010?

I wrote this six years ago. Flip 2010 for 2016!

So, the veg. are done, the table is laid, the turkey a-ready: I can now sit down and wish my readers a very merry Christmas and happy holidays! You three make my day, and I run this site just for you guys.

Here’s hoping for a splendiferous 2011 for us all (and let’s face it, it can’t be any worse than 2010, surely??!)

Merry Christmas one and all. Here’s hoping for better days ahead.


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