Portrait of the artist

I’m a software architect / developer / general solutions wrangler, specialising in web and mobile web apps. I’m forty four years old, with three sons. I like music, food, coffee and beer.

This utter ego-fest has been going for over fifteen years (that’s “forever” in internet terms), and is a weblog for developer / consultant types, predominantly. I hope to reboot the site when time allows, as it has been somewhat fallow of late: a key focus at the moment is my company’s product, LDC Via, which you should definitely check out, especially if you’re running old Notes / Domino systems that need retiring.

If you’re interested in this site and how it’s put together, you can read more here.

I am often available for hire: check out my work page for more details.


I’m a software architect / developer / general IT wrangler specialising in web, mobile web and middleware using things like node.js, Java, C#, PHP, HTML5 and more.

Best described as a simpleton, but kindly. You can read more here.