This site was lovingly-crafted years ago using CSS3 and a smattering of XHTML. I did start off with that thar new-fangled HTML5 malarkey, but my web server kept interfering. Whilst HTML5 isn’t yet a standard, all decent browsers support it (Safari, Chrome, Firefox et al). If you want to know more about HTML5, then I recommend (most effusively), Dive into HTML5 originally from Mark Pilgrim, now maintained by others.

My proof-of-concept HTML5 stuff was translated into plain old HTML / CSS for those browsers less capable, using the splendid HTML5 “shiv” from Remy Sharp.

I try to be mobile-friendly courtesy of some CSS3 media queries trickery, which re-arranges the bits for your more cramped viewing pleasure.

So the front-end is hand-crafted mark-up, CSS and Javascript. What about the back-end? Well, it’s on an ancient NoSQL solution called IBM Domino. Woof.

Hosting-wise, we do it ourselves in the LDC Via, using Amazon’s very lovely web services.


I’m a software architect / developer / general IT wrangler specialising in web, mobile web and middleware using things like node.js, Java, C#, PHP, HTML5 and more.

Best described as a simpleton, but kindly. You can read more here.