Tip #1: return receipts


Return receipts and "locked" Notes mails are the bane of my life. So I just get rid of both with some very simple code. Here we go…

For receipts, put this in an agent that runs on selected documents within your mailfile:

FIELD ReturnReceipt := ReturnReceipt;
@SetField("ReturnReceipt"; "0");

Do much the same for the $KeepPrivate field to get rid of "locked" emails (i.e. where others send you mail that can't be forwarded, copied or printed. How nasty!):

Then tweak yer inbox by adding a new column with this formula (set column properties to display as an icon):

ReturnReceipt = "1" & $KeepPrivate !="1"; 125;
ReturnReceipt != "1" & $KeepPrivate ="1"; 62;
ReturnReceipt = "1" & $KeepPrivate ="1"; 97;

That's it! Easy. The icons you get presented with will look like this:

The Notes Receipted
The Notes Locked
The Notes Receipted and locked


  1. I use a slight variation of this code to toggle return receipts as follows:

    FIELD ReturnReceipt := ReturnReceipt;
    @If(ReturnReceipt = "0"; @SetField("ReturnReceipt"; "1") ; @SetField("ReturnReceipt"; "0") )

    This way, I can switch off the receipt until I'm ready for the person to know that I've read the document and then switch the receipt back on. Sneaky eh?

  2. Ben Poole#
  3. Arg! It is you people that make my users call up and whinge "Why haven't I got a return receipt." Part of the problem with a system as flexible as Notes is the way if makes it nigh on impossible to implement things like RR in a manner that can't be overridden easily. Many of my users have cottoned on to the fact that they can use a local to catch return receipts. Never mind…Mike Bigg#
  4. Heh heh. I just hate the sneaky "I'll attach a receipt" thing. If it's that urgent, Sametime or call me! Plus, return receipts just add to network traffic.

    So hey, I'm doing my thing for the infrastructure guys… Ahem.Ben Poole#

  5. Ben, you are a real hero for saving those 300bytes of network traffic by not letting me know when you have opened my important e-mail. Congrats. :-pMike Bigg#
  6. Well, look-y what I found at LDD Today! Heh.Ben Poole#

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