A blog entry at last...

Sorry about the hiatus. I've been playing! And dealing with Thomas at the hospital on Saturday — he broke his wrist. Bones breaking seem to be the summer theme in our house…

Anyway, on to this OS X thing. Where to start? It's great. Even on an aged machine like mine, an original bondi blue iMac, with a rickety 233MHz G3 processor, a measly 4GB hard drive, and a reasonable 256MB of RAM. OK, so I don't have graphics acceleration or a DVD burner, etc., etc., but it pootles along just fine. And thanks to the full SMB implementation in OS X 10.2, Windoze PCs can "see" the Mac as just another Windoze server… which is cool.

Anyway, more playing… Oh! I almost forgot: Ha ha ha ha ha!

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