OS X and Lotus Notes 6

Hey! I got Notes working in OS X. This is no mean feat given that the Notes 6 installer is designed to be run from the Classic environment only. Yes, I had to do a painful manual install. You can find out how to do the same by reading my wee article on it at the LDD.

Then I found that Lotus haven’t fixed the font size issue in Notes for the Mac. Grrrr… So I wrote an article which’ll help you fix it. Yay me!


  1. I tried this manual install and I have no clue on how to fire up Notes from here. There is no Notes Preference Files or anything…..Please help…..Chuck Coulter#
  2. Chuck, this post is three years old: you no longer need to do this. The Notes installer will work happily in OS X, no Classic required.Ben Poole#
  3. That's cool….I downloaded the trial from Lotus and the installer did not run. When I saw the contents of the installer, I saw a folder stating Mac OS X and Mac Classic. The Classic folder had more files in it….Where can i download Notes??? I am so confused….Chuck Coulter#
  4. Ben, just call me stupid but I am a Mac newbie….Please walk me through this install…..Chuck Coulter#

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