Dealing with spam?

Oh the irony… read the second paragraph from this "anti-spam" article at

If you just print your e-mail address directly on your site like e.g. [email protected], you can almost be sure that several "spammers" will have it in their database within a few weeks. This is thanks to different "spiders" that are used to search through all sites for new e-mail addresses. Our way to stop this is using a javascript to print out the e-mail address. This will make it impossible for spiders to recognize your e-mail as a real e-mail address, but your visitors won't notice any difference at all.

To use this method you will first have to create an Anti-Leech account and then enter the e-mail address that you want to protect into our database. Then you will just have to add some simple lines of javascript where you want the e-mail address displayed.

Uh, why do you need an "Anti-Leech" account to do that? If anyone's interested, it's just some simple document.write calls. I've used similar code on earlier incarnations of this site in an effort to protect any email addresses (including my own).

Returning to anti-leech, what will they be doing with one's email address when one signs up I wonder? Hmmm. Oh well. Some of the other tips are quite nifty, especially the one about screwing up spam bots. Heheheheh.

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