Forgot to mention yesterday: via my guestbook I visited Ed Falcon’s website, madJunk. A nicely designed site, done in Domino, and a blog to boot! See, there are more of us out there than you think…

Ooh! It’s Friday. Time for silliness. I was sent a link to this site all about Ninjas today, and found it highly amusing. What’s more, the author of this site reckons he’s being sued, and that his guestbook got wiped out by some parental censorship association. This is fun — especially when you then read how many people have either (a) gotten genuinely annoyed at the site or (b) have become somewhate irate at the notion that someone is suing this lad (Clue: look at the URL for the "CNN" story! :-D

Finally, I published a new Lotusscript / Win32 API article today, and have also updated / added some PDFs to the longer articles. Enjoy!

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