So I lied...

it's Wednesday now. Well anyway, here's the new look. A few things still to tweak (mainly article layout and search queries), but it's late now, and I fancy some sleep. I hope you like the new design!

PS Any stylesheet gurus out there? Take a look at my Chapman Stick page—I want to place the piccie to the left of the text, but using the usual <img src="blah"… align="left" > won't work with the new CSS positioning — the image gets dumped behind the content pane in IE5.5 (needless to say, OK in Mozilla). I guess I need to "float" it in there… but I don't know how!

Later: Adrian Holovaty's getContentSize bookmarklet doesn't like this page. Reckons there's only 0.99% text content. That can't be right surely?

The site's search functionality is up and running, and I've sorted out a couple of style issues. Still some more bits and pieces to do, but you should find the site usable at least!

I've had a couple of queries about the code behind some aspects of the site, and whether I'll be revealing all in some articles in the future. That I will! First off will be the code behind the referrers panel to your left. It's pretty simple to be honest, and not at all sophisticated. But anyway… the article is here

Finally, thanks to everyone out there who's taken the time to send compliments and suggestions; it's much appreciated, and makes last night seem worthwhile (bed at 3am. Ooof!)

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