A mish-mash of things today. First, given that I still haven't delivered on my JSP article (I will, I will!), here's a wee Java tip regarding the use of StringBuffer for string concatenation. Java coders out there will probably be shaking their head in disgust at me for not thinking about this already, but there you go… ;-)

Moving on, CSS. Scot Hacker discusses his site's conversion to an all-CSS layout. I can sympathise with his talk about testing. On that point, my thanks go to Johan Känngård for checking out this site with Opera 6 and to Chris Molloy for testing it on IE 5.00 with WINNT. The latter platform has an issue with the site banner, but apart from that is OK… I can live with that I think!

Check out today's page at What a nice chap! A Happy Thanksgiving to any states-side readers out there too…

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