Can't stop: broken limbs

My thanks go to Steve Thompson for pointing out a bug in my RSS feeds yesterday. All fixed now!

Last night my elder son managed to break his arm. Again. Cue another great trip to Southend A&E. Joy. Upon my bleary eyed return home last night, for some reason best known to myself, I took a look at the 'puter, to see what things had been happening. And whaddya know! I found two new Domino blogs, via my referrers: OpenNTF DevBlog and via Ed Brill's site: Henry Newberry. Cool!

The Mac: OS X 10.2.3 was released yesterday. I've updated and so far, so good.


  1. The Dec 2002 Developer CD is out as well.

    Merry XMas to the Poole family.

    Try not to break anymore RSS feeds or limbs before 2003

    Steve Thompson#
  2. Cheers Steve - Merry Christmas to you too!Ben Poole#

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