Got a Domino site?

Henning Heinz writes:

Howdie Folks, is it that easy? Just some work and already mentioned on one of the most famous domino blog-sites of the world. If you are a domino fanatic or are interested on the Mac side of life (or both) you have to visit Ben Poole.

He's too kind! Yeah, it's that easy.

But seriously, I'm always on the look-out for new Domino-based sites. In the past Jake has written about the Domino graveyard, but there seems to be a lot more Domino site activity nowadays.

Well, OK, apart from over at FreeDom Blog. Then of course there's the creator of Lotus Notes, Ray Ozzie. He needs to update too…

Ahem. For active sites then: long may you continue!


  1. I'm always on the look-out for new Domino-based sites

    Really? Domino "powered" sites, or sites "about" Domino? Le Mans World is Domino powered, if that is what you mean!

    Le Mans World

    Comments on my "work" are always welcome!

  2. Generally, sites about Domino, regardless of platform. But that's not to say I'm averse to linking to all manner of sites done with Domino Tone!

    Ben Poole#
  3. Sorry about the @quot; things in the above comment, I appear to have made a bit of a Gates of myself. It said HTML permitted so I thought I'd better use & q u o t ; instead of quotes. But somehow ended up with at signs. How embarrassing!

    On the subject of Domino topic blogs, I think the reason there's not more of them is that a blog is that there is already real quality sites (this one, notestips, codestore) that do it. Maybe people want to do websites on a subject about which they can host a blog, some articles, and a forum. I can understand that, and there's not always much point in having seperate forums (fora?) on different sites on the Domino topic. Blogs yes, they're personal, but some content is best placed in the place all the rest is. There would not be much point in me doing a Domino topic site, as it wouldn't be as good as those I list above. If I had an article in mind, maybe I would send it to you, Jake or Mike; who might think it worthy of their server space! Some Domino sites with forums (fora?) have sprung up, then promptly died for this reason!

    I am considering a though, a serious internet/Domino/Notes blog which would hopefully get me jobs! is much nicer how it's all layed out with CSS. Proper pretty markup, none of those nasty layout tables! I've tried to keep to similar design ethics with Le Mans World.

    Thanks loads for the support!

    Ben's edit: Tone, I got rid of your @quot stuff, no worries. And flattery will get you everywhere… ;-)

  4. Currently on simple Release 1, but have a much nicer version in the pipeline. warren#

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