Safari & bacteria

If you're a Mac aficionado this is old news. Apple has released a new public beta Mac-only browser called Safari, surprisingly based on KHTML rather than the Gecko engine. What is truly amazing is how fast people like Mark Pilgrim have gotten hold of the browser and taken it for a pretty thorough test drive.

As far as yesterday's keynote went, I didn't bother with the webcast this time around. Why? Well, even with broadband the Apple webcasts never work properly — as Matthew Haughey explains.

Unrelated: I got a mention on Erik's Weblog yesterday re the Domino / JSP article. Cool!

Now, bacteria. A month ago I blogged about long-term data storage problems. Could this be the solution?!?

Minor site update: the links navigation item to your left is now a view… I need to fully populate it over the next couple of days, so if you're not in there yet, do not fret!

Later: I'm pretty impressed with Safari, especially given its beta status. All of my regular haunts look good in it. Interestingly, most of my regular haunts use CSS for layout.

As others have commented, the bookmarks management is excellent (I used this MacOSXHints tip to bring in my Chimera bookmarks).

So, Safari could be a real contender soon, but boy do they need to get rid of the default 72 DPI setting. Nasty — my site is even smaller! Add me to the list clamouring for tabbed browsing too.


  1. The webcast worked VERY well.Volker Weber#
  2. Dear Ben, I am sure you have read this just want to let you know.

    Just a little update to let you know that we have Safari working at 96dpi now.

    from Dave Hyatt's blog

    Henning Heinz#

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