Aussie CMS

The Aussies antipodeans sure like giving away web content management systems! And hurrah for that. First up is Brendon Upson, with his CMS for Puakma, Cannibal. Sounds very good, and Puakma looks like a splendid web app platform.

Like Laurent I got a mail from Andrew Stuart, who has decided to give away his "sitegarden/XML" product for Domino, which you can read about at his site. Andrew tells me that the license as posted on his site is out of date, so you can ignore that. Anyway, all good stuff!


  1. Aussie or Kiwi? - based on the name I'd say Kiwi living in Aussie! ;-)Colin Williams#
  2. :-) I assume you are referring to me. Yes, you're spot on. The english refer to Aussies and Kiwis as "antipodeans" anyway!Brendon Upson#
  3. Duly updated ;-)Ben Poole#
  4. Whats with the double form submissions? - or is it something I'm doing?Colin Williams#
  5. Re double submissions, I'm not sure. Only seems to do it for you ;-) Ben Poole#
  6. Spooky! Wierd, very wierd - I'm just submitting in the normal manner. Lets try again.Colin Williams#

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