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I sometimes read Davezilla, and when I do, always wonder why I don’t read it more often. It’s usually hilarious! Anyway, this post actually had me snorting with laughter:

davezilla: It’s disconfiguremational (you have to read the comments too).

Whenever I read stuff like this I think of what I call “Americanisms”: making up words and phrases for words and phrases that already exist.

An example: “comedic performer”. You mean “comedian”, yes? To be fair to our trans-Atlantic chums, senior police officials here in the UK also do this. Whenever they’re interviewed on TV, painful circumlocution invariably results.


  1. americanisms? you mean its just us? i thought the english language just automatically lent itself to that sort of thing. then again, maybe you guys don't think we actually speak english? ;-)jonvon#
  2. LOL! Well of course you speak English. Only thanks to Mr. Gates, you speak "American English" whereas we speak er… "English English"?

    Silly. Still, could be worse. I mean, we could get as chauvinistic about our language as the French are about theirs… ;-)

    Ben Poole#
  3. i have a friend whose wife is from england. if i remember correctly, (its been several years now since i've seen her) she refers to american english as "american" and english english as "english". she has a good sense of humor though… so i was never quite sure how seriously to take her.

    my brother spent some time over there on an air force base. he says when some brits get excited and start talking really fast, he can't understand a thing said. :-)jonvon#
  4. Brits getting excited? Good Lord. :-D Ben Poole#

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