Newer 'blogs and knowledge tools

As well as the old favourites, I'm thoroughly enjoying a few of the newer 'blogs in the block. Specifically:

The daily visiting list is pretty darn long now, and I expect that's the same for many of you too. The recent discussion concerning weblogs as knowledge tools is also intriguing, and makes perfect sense to me. Weblogs are simple. And that's what makes them work IMHO.

For example, at work, I'm currently evaluating and tiding up some of the team's day-to-day tools: code libraries, and what-have-you. A common theme of the most-used repositories and applications is that of simplicity. A few categories, a meaningful subject, and let the search engine do the rest — be it Domino or something else. When someone's on leave, they have to leave holiday notes. When we deliver on a complex app, we have to document it. Developer 'blogs can do this, and they're quick 'n' easy in terms of posting… how useful is that!

Update: Check out Justin's recent posts about this kind of stuff too. So far he's managed to get Ed's attention with his talk of a personal Discovery Server along the lines of ZOË.

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