Gone live

I couldn't be bothered to wait any more. So I'll be tweaking and fixing as I go. You have been warned… it will be messy. ;-)


  1. looks..somehow…other :-)) Lets see what it will be if you are finished with it ;-)) btw: i have an error in line 87, column 6Robert Basic#
  2. second comment: the syste forgot my datas althoug i checked "remember me". Is this the above mentioned JS error maybe? Now after 5 minutes watching: i like it :-) The category signs remind me much on a PHP Nuke like site (id you get the idea from there?..its a fine way and accepted on such community sites to categorize and visualize content) The next thing i like is that you not only offer a RSS for artciles, comments and that usual stuff. You offer even different category based RSS feeds. Well done and a good idea !!!Robert Basic#
  3. Like I said… will be messy. Had a typo in my JS file so that screwed up lots of things. Seems OK now. Loads more bugs to look at yet, but I just got bored with the dev server ;-)

    What's "NUKE"?!?Ben Poole#
  4. Nuke? "PHP Nuke". An open source "virtual community building" software, you know, with the typical ingredients like a CMS; News, Calendar, Comments, Ratings, Forum, Download, Statistics, etc. etc. etc… see at Its imho the best besides "PHP CMS".Robert Basic#
  5. Oh cool!…I like it, I like it!!! Nice one Mr Poole!Colin Williams#
  6. Ben,

    You have a comma in your RSS feed that should not be there.



    Nice new look by the way.john marshall#
  7. Ben, Very tastefully done! Kudos! I'd offer you a congratulatory pint for this beautiful work, but since your so far away I'll have to just drink it in your honor.

    This looks quite MT-like in the clean style. Love the unobtrusive little touches that make this so attractive. AND, my hat is off to you for using such a readable font. Too many site, I think, use tiny fonts, and too many fonts.

    OK, time for that beer.Joe Litton#
  8. not too much blue (title and URL's)? I would use a slightly different title color (even if the title itself is the permalink)Robert Basic#
  9. I love it! Nice job! I didn't see my name in the blog roll (hehehe)Bruce Elgort#
  10. All in good time! Look to your right now. Better? Hee hee.

    Ooh, and another thing, I must get my auto-converting smileys in comments back…Ben Poole#

  11. 1x1


    {naughty script tag removed}

    {end of naughty script tag}

    This free script provided by


    Robert Basic#
  12. made a smal JS test…do you really want to allow JS tags?
    like onChange onblur etc…?Robert Basic#
  13. Well, look at your test post. It ain't working for me Robert… I've been through all this before with Wolfgang you know ;-) Ben Poole#
  14. ooooooh, pretty.

    I just refreshed and noticed I'm now recommended. A nice little boost for the ego in the morning (for me). Thanks.

    You, however, should go to sleep !!

    CheersJustin Knol#
  15. My, you HAVE been busy. :-)

    Looks *fantastic*, Ben.
    Though I must say, it did jog my brain for a bit to get around the usual left side navigation and move to the right.

    I likes!
    Jess Stratton#
  16. Thanks to everyone for their comments, many of which I have taken on board. I'll get back to work on the site later -- for example, the articles view is sorted in an odd way, and you can't navigate to all the articles yet.Ben Poole#
  17. kewl man, very nice. i like it. congrats, ur cookin with grease!jonvon#
  18. Loadsa bugs still there; I've fixed some, but I need to replicate the fixes tonight when I have access to my server. The double comments submission issue I may have licked… it only happens with IE6.

    If I have fixed it for sure, I'll send on the solution to the geezers.Ben Poole#
  19. Very nice font choice… easy on the eyes.

    As for other little touches, I think the initial letter css thang plays out very nice. Especially on the homepage.

    Nice work.

    Andrew Barker#
  20. Looks great. I really love the layout and style. And yep, any solutions for the double comments would be appreciated :-)Declan Lynch#
  21. Nice revamp Benny! Looking good.Ed Falcon#

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