Laurent has already mentioned this (Good news for Domino bloggers), but it bears repeating: Domino Developer Network have set up a new area of their site devoted to Domino-based weblogs, which I discovered via the good ole' referrers section. Cool! And some of us got a nice surprise with regards hosting costs thanks to our efforts:

If your Domino-based blog demonstrates a valuable contribution to the Domino community, you may be eligible for special discounts on our hosting services! Contact us for details…

Splendid. This Domino malarkey's going quite well isn't it? Well, it has to be better than some alternatives


  1. Yes, but I feel kinda guilty - I mean what on earth do I do for the Domino community? Plus there are the other two sites that I run under the same hosting account…do I qualify in my entireity? Are those other sites effectively bludgers? Am I needlessly rambing because I haven't made a comment on Bens site in ages?…

    You could say that _any_ domino site contributes to the community, not just blogs - infact, some of us bloggers like to put down various features of the product!

    Ah well, there I go looking a gift horse in the mouth again! ;-)Colin Williams#
  2. Colin, I agree that many other sites contribute to the Domino community… however the blogs go further in terms of capturing the social aspects of our community and are far from stale… and well they're just a lot more fun than all the other sites!

    I'm forcing myself to make more time to get into all this and what better thing can we bring to the table immediately than hosting support! We'll see what happens… I'm really excited about setting up a server dedicated to the Domino blogs and one of the first things I would like to setup is multi-db search so that all the blogs can be searched at once (for those that might want to add such a feature to their own blog). Another idea is to provide automated installation of the various blog templates for new bloggers (not much of a time saver, but it may encourage people to get involved more quickly). If you have any ideas on what can be done with the server let us know! We have tons of experience automating things on the admin side… so tell us what you want!

    We are aware of the Blog Hosting Agreement that Chris Miller has setup with Connectria and also what Prominic has done for Jake Howlett and well, now it's our turn! So let the "DominoBlog-hosting-war" begin! (as stated by Christoph Arras) ;-)

    btw, to illustrate how new blogging is to me, I can't figure out how to create hyperlinks… help!Dan Frederiksen#
  3. Hi Dan, thanks for dropping by. To create a link, you just type it in, like this:

    As for "adding value" to the Domino community, I agree Colin, it's not just the weblogs that do that. But you have to admit that ever since Jake and Anthony Hicks got going, things have been far more interesting in the Domino world -- there were reams of dead sites out there before that!Ben Poole#

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