Heh heh, LMAO at the Simple Guide to the A-list Bloggers, a link provided by Libby today. Very good, especially the one about Dave Winer. Chortle.

A couple of other things in passing:

1) CSS for the Notes client discussions
Yes please! Although many people out there appear to go along with unthinking statements like "the Notes client is dead" (maybe in your organisation pal, but I know plenty of places where it's alive and kicking), developing standards support in the Notes client as well as in Domino can only be a good thing, surely? Isn't it supposed to be an "either /or" world rather than just a browser world?

2) File upload controls
As if to prove the point about fat vs. thin clients, I finally got around to really taking a look at the standard HTML file upload control the other day. Imagine my joy at discovering that the "value" attribute is unsupported in just about every browser. Great. I gather there are security implications, but erf. It was the one aspect of the control we wanted to leverage recently. Alternatives include custom Java applets (urgh) and ActiveX controls (ditto). Sigh. What do people out there use? We actually just want to get a handle on a full file path, rather than actually upload the selected file, and I have some Java code that does this in three lines (yes! Just three lines of Java!). The only problem with the Java route is applying it to the web: an ugly great applet wrapper. Nasty.


  1. Hey Ben - I'm with you on point one! - the Notes client is not dead here either!!!Colin Williams#
  2. Good on ya Colin. I don't know, first of all these people bang on about "fat clients", now they're calling us necrophiliacs! Uh, or something. ;-) Ben Poole#
  3. the notes client is certainly not dead at my company. most of our intranet traffic (~80%) is still notes client vs. web.

    they have done some things along these lines in ND6 though, haven't they? i mean, you can make a form render html, and css can do some things to fonts and stuff, can't it? i haven't played with it that much (we are still running 5 and that's where i spend most of my day), but they were demonstrating this functionality back in 2000 at the devcon in vegas. jonvon#
  4. WRT file uploaders, it looks as though others have found this tricky also:

    OpenNTF: Web Upload Control… Poole#

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