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Things seem to have gone quiet on the whole weblog / RSS front, but I found this post over at Jeremy Zawodny's 'blog quite amusing! He talks about the need for an aggregator at work and at home as his organisation investigate weblogs at work. Oh that would be too much. I only use one at home: anything more would mean I never get any work done.


  1. I was thinking about this "sync" idea a while back so I could keep up to date where ever I am PLUS not have to maintain 2 sets of links/read-unread lists - but then decided "hey, I'm at work to DO WORK" so I'll leave that all for my time!Colin Williams#
  2. Brent Simmons ( says in Jeremy's 'blog comments that he's looking to develop some kind of standard synchronisation method / protocol / whatever for news aggregators… Gumph!Ben Poole#
  3. Well, yes, things have gone quiet on the RSS front - as far as POSTINGS about it are concerned. But I'm guessing that many, like me, have now had a number of seeds planted in our (hopefully) fertile little brains, and are now playing around with the various ideas. My gosh, we can only brainstorm so much, then we've got to get around to DOING something with those ideas (at least I do, 'cause else they fall out the top of my bald little head).

    As just one example of ideas from RSS getting used, I've got a couple of areas at work testing Domino apps which include pages that use RSS-like abstracts (each is simply a row in an embedded view) for one option of home page. Sort of like the presentation on Google News and others. So this isn't actually using RSS, but the idea sprang from there. Next phase is to connect multiple databases together based on XML feeds similar to RSS format. Anyway, the point is that playing with RSS and thinking about aggregators and techniques and opportunities in all of that ….has lead to enhancing the apps in my own small Domino world.

    So these discussions are extremely valuable to me, at least :-)Joe Litton#
  4. Heh heh, all sounds good!

    Actually, one of the things I found myself doing the other week was downloading Ned's old RSS reader app from the Sandbox, and tweaking it extensively… because I want to read in some simple XML and create documents in Notes from it; most applications nowadays seem to go the other way.Ben Poole#

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