WWDC 2003

Volker's 'blogging on the Apple WWDC in San Francisco as I type, and some of the stuff coming out of Infinite Loop (with IBM's help in the case of the new G5!) is worth salivating over.

… Which is all I'll be doing for the foreseeable future. Oh to have cash for boys' toys… [smiley Sad]

Anyway other nifty stuff includes a preview of OS X 10.3, codenamed Panther and a public beta of iChat AV. The much-heralded WebCore is also the focus of many sessions at the conference, which can only be good — the new version of Mail will be using it for HTML rendering. All great stuff, especially if the new Finder turns out to be everything it should!

Finally: don't forget to go get Safari version one!

Update: how could I forget: Xcode. With predictive compiling, distributed builds, and — I like this one — "on the fly" editing and re-compiling whilst you're in the middle of a debugging session. Very cool.

24th June update: A good breakdown of the keynote and WWDC messages from Dan Hon (two parts).

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