Sorry for the unexplained gap there. I got away with the family for a few days. I have now seen Pirates Of The Caribbean (really good fun) and Rugrats Go Wild in addition to getting some much-needed R 'n' R. So just catching up now… Well, Mitch Kapor has "Switched", Mike's suffering with spam and jonvon hit 38!

I've got some articles in the works for a certain publication out there, and even one or two for this site. It's about time.


  1. glad to see you are back ben, hope you had a good time!

  2. Shouldn't somebody tweak Mitch about the fact that if he were using Domino instead of Exchange, his assistant wouldn't have to do any manual synch to get his calendar info onto the Mac? (I'd do it, but I started the last batch of pro-Domino comments in Mitch's blog ;-))

    -rich Richard Schwartz#

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