Configuration and synchronicity

Wow, this is freaky. As a learning exercise, I've been writing a desktop application in Java — coding is spotty, just the odd moment here and there on the train. One of the programming issues I came across quite early on is the need for storing and retrieving application configuration information. This has to be platform agnostic, so it's quite an interesting area. Now, maybe it's because this stuff is uppermost in my mind, but I've noticed that there's this weird synchronicity going on in the blogosphere of late…

Whilst I was investigating the options (e.g. the J2SE 1.4 "Preferences" API), I saw this post over at Rank & File. Then there's an Apple knowledgebase document about system properties at the Apple Developer Connection, which was in turn brought to my attention over at Erik Thauvin's site recently. Finally, I noticed this post about configuration in Java at Pete Lyon's site.

To top it all off, JavaWorld have also recently published an article about disk location-independent code nirvana. What larks eh! Anyway, hopefully, some of this stuff will be useful to any other Java newbies like me out there.


  1. I too am a java newbie. I am past the halfway stage of the "Head First Java" book and I am really trying to get my head around java. As an exercise, I am slowly trying to convert over some parts of my apps to Java. It's making it patently obvious that I have a lot to learn! I am sure some of the stuff you find will be useful. is a good site.nick#

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