Extraneous comments

Anyone subscribed to my comments RSS feed — like me — :-) may well have noticed extraneous comments popping up from time to time, always under my name. It's fucking annoying (pardon my French) and it's always down to the same 'bot: So, the time has come: programmatic checking of comment posts, in addition to the pre-existing checks for referrers. God, this stuff is annoying. If only the robots.txt standard was followed…


  1. Well, I think having a robots.txt file is a little like keeping your front door closed -- it only keeps out the honest people.

    Very colorful post, by the way. I used to feel like some of the comments I left here might have been a little on the off-beat side, but now I'm not going to worry any more.


    - Julian
    Julian Robichaux#
  2. Good point Julian: the intrusive 'bots tend not to use the standard in any case. I'll get over to webmaster world and read up some more. Meanwhile, Domino to the rescue! I can easily prevent comment submissions from certain user agents / IP ranges, and so on.

    In reference to your other point, hey, I've always trusted you with my comments… ;-) Ben Poole#

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