Now THAT’S thorough!

Mark Pilgrim has filed an incredibly detailed overview of Panther at his site. Well worth a read now that Panther is with us. Will I be upgrading? Hmm… not sure. I started my love affair with OS X last August when Jaguar came out (i.e. v10.2), and it's certainly given my aged iMac a new lease of life. I'm not sure whether 10.3 will greatly improve the experience for me though — there's only so far one can go with a Mac this old!


  1. Reports indicate that it helps older hardware. But I think you rather need one of those new iBooks. Was it 3 gig HD?Volker Weber#
  2. I agree :-D Yup. three gig: you should see what I can do with it though!Ben Poole#

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