Putting it about

So there I was, updating my wishlist (I can dream can't I?) when I noticed this. Check out the first review listed for Java in a Nutshell: that Duffbert gets everywhere!


  1. The only reason I do the blogging thing is the amount of name-dropping I can do [smiley poke_tongue]

    As for that wishlist, at first glance I figured the Le Creuset Misto thingy was a toiletry item, and my second glance was at the 'Used & New' link, and my first thought was *wtf* would want to sell one of those second-hand :-)

    I can see myself having one of those out-of-my-control nightmares tonight where I obsessively start buying up half-used bottles of Old Spice on eBay…Colin Pretorius#
  2. That's why I always get nervous when people say "I ran across your name on the 'net the other day…" :-) class="smiley"

    That review was put out there by O'Reilly. I review their books for our user group and they get copies of all the review writeups. That makes me a "media reviewer" and they use some of the sound bites in their promo materials…

    My motto… "Will write for free books!"Thomas Duff#
  3. Oh… by the way… Don't waste your time on Blow Fly. Duff#
  4. Colin, I was intrigued… "Le Creuset" thought I? Must be some kind of cookware. And so it is: a cooking oil. In a spray can. Bizarre!

    Ah, Old Spice. Right up there with "Denim" and even — gasp — "Hi Karate"!

    PS You can still get Old Spice: Poole#
  5. *Hehe*

    You have to be very careful with these 'previous-gen' fragrances, 'cause even if you're inclined to the Olde Worlde Charme of these 70's, and 80's parfums, you might break a Golden Rule of Relationships: don't wear anything that makes you smell like one of your partner's parents :-)Colin Pretorius#

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