Have recently added a new link to the ole’ blogroll, one Richard Spence, AKA Spuggy. He appears to be good chums with Bill Buchan and Chris Coates, but if that isn’t recommendation enough, he has a brilliant way with posting. Some samples for ye…

On coding:

Just checked my timetable and it appears we have double computing again this afternoon. The really sad thing is that we are going to have it again tomorrow morning!

Sat at the back with Pants. He reckons if I let him see my Lotusscript then he'll let me have one of his refreshers.

He does Domino and J2EE stuff too:

WSAD, or as I heard a Blue Meanie pronounce it "Wussad", is a giant champion sumo wrestler as software goes. It needs a minimum of 512mb RAM to run, but probably a hell of a lot more. Needless to say, it is far too big and hairy for my effeminate laptop.

I have a big girl’s blouse of a computer too… has a hard time with Eclipse, let alone the plug-in-mungous WSAD.

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