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Now this is an interesting comment (my emphasis):

Benefits of the rich client include a more enhanced UI experience, better client-side performance, and tighter integration with the OS, which will allow for multiclient support.

“Better client-side performance”? Better than what?!? Much as I like Eclipse, fast it ain’t; has Cathleen Moore actually used Eclipse I wonder?

Well, journalistic wildness aside, the so-called “rich client” is good news. Maybe one day Mac users will be drawn into the fold too (assuming we can put up with the bouncing).

InfoWorld: Lotus molds [sic] collaboration vision.


  1. Ben,
    Better client side performance is analyst-speak, or marketing-speak for fat-client. As in:

    Them: "Which one would you like, Sir? The one with the universal client, or the one with better client-side performance?"
    You: Is there a Mac one?
    Them: Eventually, Sir
    You: OK, I'll stick with what I have now until you figure out what you are doing.
    Them: Very Wise, sir

    Justin Knol#
  2. LOL! I love all this stuff. “Fat client” = bad! “Rich client” = super. Marketing: gotta love it ;-)Ben Poole#
  3. We work in an industry that is halfway between the Fashion industry and a Cargo Cult.

    Justin Knol#
  4. wow. cargo cult. i'd never heard of that.

    freakin brilliant. let's start one of our own right away!jonvon#
  5. Ned had something to say about cargo cults a little while ago -

    jonvon - we are already working inside one. We want better software/productivity/whatever and keep jumping on the latest bandwagon to get it. This has been going on for as long as I have been in the industry (don't ask) - the latest thing is always going to be a solution to all our problems. For example - relational databases, client-server computing, the internet, java, XML, web services, longhorn, lotus workplace - the list goes on forever….

    Gartner call it a hype cycle - and here is a description:

    I think I'll leave the cynical hat on for the rest of the day…Justin Knol#
  6. yeah, but if you are saying cargo cults are bad… then you are just silly!

    dude i LIKE wearing my bamboo antennas! surely by now you must know this!

    what could be more fun than lighting a bunch of fires, sitting in a little hut, wearing a funny hat and waiting around for something to happen that never does?

    especially if i can get paid to do it! all i need is a nice tropical drink of some sort and i'm all set!jonvon#
  7. jonvon - just as long as you keep the foil lining in your hat at all times…Justin Knol#
  8. right.

    thanks for reminding me, i gotta keep those microwaves from controlling the old noggin.


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