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I suppose it’s about time I mentioned this one: as if this site isn’t enough for me to be doing, we’re adding to our installed base of two. The latest release is due May / June 2004. Extreme poverty here I come!

Baby Poole at 15 weeks


  1. those are some nice looking vertebrae. Congrats to you on the upcoming addition!Ed Brill#
  2. For me this looks rather like an enrichment ;-) CongratsOliver#
  3. Wow! Congratulations. Ben Langhinrichs#
  4. You DO know there are things the doctor can do for you that will prevent that, don't you? :-)

    Congrats!Thomas Duff#
  5. Congratulations - This is what life is about.

    Enjoy!Justin Knol#
  6. Congratulations Ben. Get plenty of sleep now while you still can. Bob Congdon#
  7. Wise words Bob, I intend to - so long as the current installations let me (aged 5 & 3)

    Thanks to everyone for your kind words. As Oliver says, I am indeed a rich man - I was just joshing you :-)Ben Poole#
  8. Congratulations Ben.. I only have the one installation at the moment, it upgrades faster than my wallet can cope :)QuickCLIX#
  9. Installed base :-) That's too funny! Congratulations, Ben!Nik Shenoy#
  10. QuickClix, my wallet keeled over and died around about ’96. I’m used to it now… ;-)Ben Poole#
  11. Congrats! Do you know if it's a boy or girl yet? My 3rd is on the way as well. During the ultrasound the nurse used an arrow icon and pointed to, well… his name (at the time of this comment ;-) ) is Alexander.

    So, any arrow pointing?

    -ChrisChris Toohey#
  12. Ah, so you're already used to the lack of sleep -- especially in the mornings and weekends!

    We have two boys (aged 7 and nearly 4). They keep us pretty busy but it's a lot of fun. As Tom Duff said, this is what life is all about. Enjoy the experience (again!).Bob Congdon#
  13. Oops, on closer inspection, I was quoting Justin not Tom. D'oh!Bob Congdon#
  14. I don’t know what flavour we’re having yet. Should find out at the twenty week scan, as my wife has expressed a need to “mentally prepare” if it’s another boy… :-)Ben Poole#
  15. Hearty congratulations, Ben!

    Btw, keep writing -- it puts cash in the wallet! ;-)Libby#
  16. Congrats Ben!Tony Kelleran#
  17. congrats ben!!! that is wonderful! jonvon#
  18. Way to go Ben! It's nice to know your junk works :-D And trust me, my littlest is almost a month old, and I LOVE being a Dad. You will too…

    Take Care,
  19. Yes, congratulations.Pete Lyons#
  20. You're a brave man, Ben. Congratulations and good luck!

    - Julian

    Julian Robichaux#
  21. Libby [15] this month has been good to me so far… hard copies of E-Pro and this scan. Hey, you guys just need to pay me now ;-)

    John [18] Oh I know I’ll love being a dad again, trust me. One month is cool, but wait ’til 6 months: even better :-)

    Julian [20] Brave? Foolhardy? Downright stupid? It’s a fine line…Ben Poole#
  22. A true "NextGen" installation. Congratulations :)AJP#
  23. Now I see that Domino is again smarter than me: Weber#
  24. Damn, you found me out…

    It’s good to know one has a strong backbone though eh? ;-)Ben Poole#
  25. Congrats Ben!!!
    That is great news!
    Best wishes to your entire family.
    Jess :-)Jess Stratton#
  26. Great news. Congratulations to both of you!Frank#

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