Mr. Spence has passed the “IBM Certified Associate Developer - WebSphere Studio, V5.0” exam. Excellent stuff! Now he can really add value, push his envelope, and pluck low-hanging fruit wherever it may be found. As he says:

So what did you learn smartypants?
Passing the exam has got me up to speed with Websphere studio and filled a few gaps in my J2EE knowledge. I tend to run screaming from most large IDEs, so this is no mean feat. I liked the book as it was not just a the usual “click on the file menu” trudge through the features non-book. It was well thought out and dealt with real world J2EE issues like, mapping, controller servlets, formbeans action patterns and data access brokers. I’d recommend it.

So what now?
I am going to re-write my firm’s creaking enterprise Domino app in Websphere. Why? Because it’s there and for England, dammit.


  1. Why ? that's the right question…
    Right tool for right job should be the first page of each computer related book !Michael#

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