What a bummer

I use CD-WOW! quite a lot, simply because they (used to) sell chart CDs for £8.99 or less — significantly cheaper (especially as that includes postage) than anyone else. But no, the BPI have to “pull an RIAA” by spoiling our fun: they have reached an out-of-court settlement with the online retailer, the end result being that CD-WOW!’s CDs go up by £2. Bah. They were such a great resource for cash-strapped dads like me [smiley Sad]

BBC: CD settlement forces prices up.


  1. As is their wont, The Register have tracked this story and made some very good points in their inimitable way :-) Poole#
  2. Imported CDs here are the exchange equivalent of about 20 UK pounds in a shop. Online shopping used to be great and much cheaper, until the jobsworths in our customs departments started getting savvy, and now more often than not the customs on packages make it as expensive or more. Bit of a gamble you don't really want to take on a 'bulk' purchase, which is what you need to do to amortize the shipping costs.

    How do people in democratic countries actually come to believe that these sorts of things are in their best interests?

    Hardly a surprise that online music sharing is as popular as it is. In the long run, who's screwing who more?Colin Pretorius#
  3. Precisely. Doubly ironic when 2003 was a record year for album sales in the UK: Poole#

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