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Well this isn’t very good news — What Isn’t in Palm OS Cobalt… Yet:

Mr. Slotnick… made it clear that PalmSource isn’t developing a Mac version of the Palm Desktop. As the way the PIM apps work has changed significantly, this means Mac users won’t be able to HotSync without third-party software.

What third party software? Everything I know of is a conduit, not the synchronisation engine itself. I suppose the saving grace could be iSync maybe? I don’t have any experience using iSync, but I know that it’s just a conduit at the moment. SyncML seems to be the way forward, and Apple are publicly committed to the standard for the future, (it’s not a part of iSync 1.3) so who knows…

On a related point, does anyone actually use Palm Desktop? I never have, I just install it to use HotSync Manager.


  1. I used Palm Desktop for a while. I don't anymore. It was okay…sort of like Outlook, but without the mail component (and the viruses).Ray J. Bilyk (aka The Lion King)#
  2. Amanda uses it as her main PIM despite not having a Palm device to sync it with. She tried iCal 1.0 but thought it was a bit limited. So for her, as long as it still runs on future OSXen, she'll be happy.

    I use the conduit to sync with iCal, but this is primarily for backup purposes, I don't use iCal day to day. I have been using my Palm less often over the last 6 months - addresses and email are primarily in Address Book and phone numbers sync to my T39m via Bluetooth. Justin Knol#

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