R5 is five

Oops, a day late. Oh well, never mind: Bob Congdon: Five Years Ago Today. Crikey, has it been that long already? Well, happy birthday to R5. Even though I swear at you several times a week… ;-)


  1. 5 years… I dunno whether to say "Wow!" or "Oh god I'm depressed"

    I still remember moving to the R5 client and grumbling because in comparison to 4.6 it was horribly sluggish. Of course, if you think of some of the things we take for granted in R5 that 4.6 never had: separate designer client, allowing the 'tab' character in Lotusscript, the horizontal window tabs (remember when everything had to be Alt-W-this and that), and the biggest: "Too many open windows"

    And nowadays, every time I fire up ND6 I think it's sluggish… :-)

    Colin Pretorius#
  2. Heh heh. “Too many windows” can still bite you on the bum. Quite a while back, when the gold release of ND6 was but a distant twinkle, I had to code a horrible app that relied on automated printing (i.e. via the UI classes - don’t ask).

    I had to release said db as a beta Notes 6 application in the end, because we were hitting the “Too many windows” limit in R5. As you may know, in 5.0.5 at least, NotesUIDocument.Close() er… doesn’t.Ben Poole#
  3. I'm sorry to say I do… we got burned by that really badly with a part of our system that needed to do bulk printing of specially-rendered documents. My colleague ended up automagically deploying a discardable 'spool' database on the user's workstation into which we would dump the rendered documents we wanted to print - and then open that db, allowing users to print from a view. Bit of a kludge but to print dozens (and sometimes up to thousands) of documents at a time, it's done the job :-)Colin Pretorius#
  4. Wow. Five years? I remember the Lotusphere when Lotus was showing off all the new features of R5, and then people would ask when it would be released, and Lotus would point to some shiny marketing trinket and say something vaguely resembling an answer, hoping you'd be distracted by the shiny item in your hand. I can't believe that was five years ago!

    I remember thinking R5 was sluggish compared to 4.x also, but I liked the new features so much I just dealt with it. Now that I'm deploying 6.5 to a lot of end users, I'm attempting to ward off the complaints of sluggishness with an impressive display of new features, just as I was tricked into enjoying R5. :-) Kathleen McGivney#

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