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Now that the dust has well and truly settled over Orlando for another year, Mick Moignard has written a piece for DominoPower which neatly summarises the what, where and whom. Well worth a read. particularly with regards summarising what is going to happen with ND7:

Post-Lotusphere 2004 report: gaining understanding and perspective


  1. OK, so this was published in Feb / March time. What can I say? I’m a bit behind :-)Ben Poole#
  2. Don't worry, I'm even further behind :-)

    Thanks for the link, that's a great article. Y'know, the more I read about ND7 with DB2 integrated, the more excited I get. The only thing that IBM needs to complement that, is to make it easier to build UIs a la XUL or the like (but combined with the current ease of use/creation), and to properly bolt Java into the client. When they have that, with LS and @formula capabilities, with relational and non-relational flexibility, you'll have the most kick-ass application development platform on the planet.

    I supposed it's called Workplace v3.0 ;-)

    As for that portal stuff, I must have been sleeping when they handed out the portal euphoria tablets.Colin Pretorius#

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