Go with the Flow

Dave Thomas waxes lyrical about Near-Time’s Flow application, an “integrated peer to peer collaborative content manager”. Reading the blurb, it sounds like something along the lines of Groove, but better (especially since it’s a Mac app). Here’s Mr. Thomas:

As you browse the web, you highlight paragraphs from interesting pages and drop them into Flow. Gradually you build your research into a local Flow document… if you need more details, you can click on any of the original text and Flow will pop you over to the original web page. The linking works with files, images, whatever…

Say I was sitting in the airport using a wireless network and I tell Flow to share a 10Mb folder… the flight is called and I close down my laptop, with only 8Mb transferred. When I get to my clients, it turns out that their firewall blocks Flow, but allows e-mail. No problem. Flow works it out and sends the remaining data in a bunch of separate e-mails. At the other end all this data gets reassembled into my original folder.

Very interesting. A bit like SubEthaEdit in that I really wish I knew someone else near here with a Mac so I could play around with this cool network stuff… :-)


  1. I've also found this today: Tetlaw#

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