Wrong kind of atmosphere

Everyone knows that we here in the UK like to whinge about public transport: delays due to wrong kind of rain / snow / leaves on the line etc. I use a most tiresome company to get to work called c2c (no link, not worth it), and I have always tried to stop myself from posting train whinges on this site. Well, today’s excuse for extreme delays and cancellations merits a special mention, I am sure you will agree:

c2c Services are subject to severe disruption due to extreme changes in Atmospheric pressure causing problems with the electrical systems onboard the trains. There is a very limited service operating, and Passengers are strongly advised to abstain from travelling on c2c for the next few hours. Tickets on Great Eastern and London Underground services for equivalent journeys.

Speechless. And what’s with the spurious capitalisation in their announcement?


  1. I always enjoyed using their excuses when I was just plain late.

    "Sorry there were the wrong leaves on the bed"

    Or the Ripping Yarns

    "Sorry sir I was attacked by the school Leopard"

    Or the slightly sick.

    "Sorry sir, but my mum died and I had to get my own breakfast"Spuggy-late-than-never#
  2. It all made the national news!,3604,1195682,00.html Poole#

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