As widely expected, Apple have updated their PowerBook and iBook ranges. The PowerBook range now goes up to 1.5 GHz, with Airport Extreme as standard plus better graphics and Superdrive burn rates.

The iBooks have had a speed bump too (1 GHz minimum, 1.2 GHz maximum, all with half a gig cache)

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UPDATE: They’re cheaper! The base model iBook is now £799 instead of £849, and so on. Now, that’s still a lot more than in the US, but hey, every little helps. (See Make easy money).


  1. Crazy Apple Rumors:

    - In order to circumvent TV shows and movies that put tape over the Apple logo, laptops now shout "APPLE!" every thirty seconds, to ensure maximum branding opportunities.

    - iBooks are warm and soft, like the parental love you never got.

    - PowerBook speed tops out at 1.5 GHz which users are encouraged to round up to an even 2.0 GHz when talking to PC-users.

    - iBooks still match your underwear, assuming you wear a plain white cotton brief.

    More detailed analysis :-) is here: Poole#
  2. You know you want one……


    Just give in to your feelings, let them guide you……

    :)Justin Knol#
  3. LOL. Evil… ;-) Ben Poole#

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