It’s all starting to look clearer, and the IBM site even has a page that renders some of the time! (just joshing, don’t shoot me):

InfoWorld: IBM puts Workplace at center of managed apps vision.

Imagine, if you will, my surprise at seeing a reasonable discussion of the underlying technology over at slashdot of all places (Via Bill Buchan). Posters saying stuff like Well this is all very well, but what happens when the intranet goes down? were quickly apprised of the underlying architecture at work here: a SyncML-based “replication” engine. Combine this with the Eclipse rich client platform (RCP), and we’re talking powerful stuff (potentially).

The RCP: further reading:
» EclipseCon 2004 presentations
» rich client platform facilities.


  1. Just read thrut the slashdot … and somebody mentioned Lotus eSuite


    deja vu?Spug-the-rich#
  2. Hee hee, yes I saw that. I immediately thought of Mr. Tyler ;-)

    I suppose the reall difference here is (a) how much IBM is pushing all this stuff and (b) the office suite plug-ins (or whatever they are) have a proper platform. eSuite seemed doomed when directly pitted against MS Office on the desktop; perhaps the Workplace platform is better suited to eSuite-style apps?Ben Poole#
  3. eSuite is still around… sort of. Do a google search for "infobus". That's one piece of technology from the eSuite team. They advanced programming for everyone.Brian#

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