Amazing mark-up

What a fantastic bit of mark-up I just came across. Who did it? A hint’s in the code… ;-)

<!-- Created by CyberMother -->
	<BIG><BIG><BIG><BIG><BIG><BIG>CoEnergy, Inc.</BIG>

Tsk. I can honestly say that up until now, I’d not even seen anyone use the <big> tag, let alone use it in such an… interesting way.


  1. Holy cow! :-)Volker Weber#
  2. The real irony is the amount of wasted energy in creating all those extra tags. The company finances energy resources. I can see they go for the most efficient and cost effective route, LOLJess Stratton#
  3. And I thought you were pulling our legs but it is 'legit'. Pretty sexy website I have to admit!Patrick McGroyn#
  4. I need a bigger screen…John Keys#
  5. I reminds me a lot of what WordPerfect 5.1 looked like when you revealed codes after working on a document for a while.Sean Burgess#
  6. I can just imagine a pointy-haired boss standing over the shoulder of some poor intern, saying "No, I want it bigger than that. Bigger! BIGGER!" while the intern just keeps adding and adding tags until the PHB is happy.

    That's my theory, anyway.

    - Julian
    Julian Robichaux#

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