Wise words today from Mr. Buchan:

Tomorrow is the last day for Cheese International (brie division). This project has cemented the thought in my mind that large corporates are incapable of successfully completing large technical projects.

This was an example of a “project based” team structure failing to deliver, despite the best efforts of my boss and the various team members in the sections I dealt with.

Why? External project teams tend not to carry in the very baggage that mires large projects down. The existing sections were completely overwhelmed with their day-to-day stuff.

Perhaps Domino 6 is too simple to implement now. CIOs believe that because it’s simple, they can deliver large technical projects.

It ain’t so anymore — most large corporates have killed off their excess resources to the extent where they can barely keep their services running. They just don’t have the resource to run extra stuff anymore.

It’s a shame that pointy-haired management don’t get this subtle point as they merrily outsource/offshore stuff right, left and centre. You just can’t get blood out of a stone, and when you try, you lose the best stones…

Food for thought. :-)

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