Don’t do this

Whilst munching ’pon a sarnie at my desk (I know…) I hit upon a wee idea inspired by Ed’s recent post re ten years at Lotus. As soon as I could say “gissajob” I had slapped together some Lotusscript to parse our organisation’s phone directory for everyone who joined on the same day as me (yes, I know!).

Of course, this being a big place, I didn’t know everyone that came back in the code — and most of the people I joined with have moved on anyway — but for those I remember who are still here, I discovered that 75% are now senior managers. The errant 25% are now associate directors.

Me? I’m a lowly manager, on the same pay for the past four years. I get good staff ratings and spit out code like there’s no tomorrow mind. And I can do portals.

I shall now continue to cry into my sandwich and return you to your normal schedule. ;-)

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