Part of my ND6 workspace, with a few unread marksIt has been somewhat busy in Poole Towers of late. The seven week-old Toby keeps us busy, as do his brothers. My eldest, Thomas, hit the ripe old age of six last week, and a party ensued. This entailed lobbing small children from an inflatable crocodile into a swimming pool.

Well, they enjoyed it.

Work? It is frantic: Sametime secrets and tokens, XML and Javascript are all keeping me awake at night, along with gearing up my new laptop (yes, a ThinkPad: T41 this time). Continuing the work theme, we had our annual office “away day” last week. As usual, complete carnage in the evening, but some good work for charidee during the day :-). I would publish some photos here, but that would simply serve to tarnish my on-line reputation further.

Tomorrow brings some heavy duty working from home. I imagine I will end up like Mr. Spence with his ukele.


  1. For the kids parties I do like to slip a Ramones song inbetween the smurfs and other kiddie stuff. I guarantee that "Sheena is a Punk rocker" will go totally unoticed by both adults and children alike.

    Often you can find youself talking to mrs miggens about little Ruperts' toilet training and "Blizkrieg Bop" will kick in the background.Spug-a-hoola#

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