Imaginative name eh? Well, version 0.9 of my wiki template has been released on Hope someone likes it! Plenty of stuff still to do, but it’s a start…


  1. Be sure to check my wiki out too: lots of new stuff going up there at the moment, including a Domino blogroll you can contribute to! Poole#
  2. Ummm… you do know about, one of the more popular win32 native wikis, right? Is there anything wrong with a name like NotesWiki or something more, well, not-already-used?


    MichaelMichael Wexler#
  3. Well obviously I didn’t know, no ;-). Oops. It runs on IIS with ASP I gather — well, being a bit of a Linux / UNIX / OS X bigot, I tend to ignore things like that. Heh heh. Oh well, maybe the name will change, although I can’t see these two templates competing at any point in time.Ben Poole#

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