Simple DXL processing


DXL, Domino’s native XML “dialect” offers myriad possibilities to the Notes developer. Finally, we can send people the means to “merge” design elements into their databases, we can extract, examine, and alter Notes database designs outside of Domino Designer, and we can import and export data from all over the place.

So where to start?

Simple DXL processing

The attached database is intended as a start for the Notes developer in this endeavour, whilst also attempting to be of some actual use! Fill out a document, click a button, and you can update the colours of all action bars and action bar colours within a specified database. There are a few toggles enabling you to select certain design elements in the NotesNoteCollection that is parsed, but essentiallly, that’s all there is to the application.

This version looks for — and updates — a single attribute of the action bar / action bar button design elements. There are a number of attributes that could be tweaked of course, but it’s a start. In this instance we’re looking at bgcolor.

Have fun!



  1. Arrgh, this works fine against itself, but the agent fails on dxp.process with nothing more than dxl importer operation failed. Is there any way to get a better error message out of that?

    Thanks!Joseph Hoetzl#
  2. Very helpful. Thank you Ben!

    /HansHans Fokine#
  3. @Joseph: There is.
    dxlImporter.Log property does give as good information as I am used to from other xml-heavy environments.
  4. … forgot to say: From my experience the dxlimporter.LOg property does NOT work with Notes65, but with Notes8 its works perfectly well. Axel #

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