Looking at 2004, part 1

So, personally 2004 has been a pretty good year. Obviously the big highlight for me was the birth of my third son Toby, back in May, but the year held some other delights also. Rather than one big post, as I normally do (see also 2002’s review), I thought I’d do a few posts as the mood takes me over the course of this week — beginning with this rambling summary.

On the work-front, 2004 saw some internal re-organisation, holding up the promise of new opportunities and so forth. That said, I almost resigned in the summer — but some of the changes are finally beginning to bear fruit now. Graduallly, oh so gradually, the Domino Designer client is being dragged from my grasping hands as I spend more time in Eclipse these days. That suits me just fine.

I got a pay rise this year! OK, so it was four years coming, and it was badly needed (see first paragraph), but let’s face it, we’re never going to get comfortably well-off doing this stuff eh!

With regards this site, we go from strength to strength, so thank you. Spam attempts earlier in the year seem to have been combatted (for now). Page hits are running at over a quarter of a million per month (Domino Developer Network have been handling all this admirably as usual), and the site has had the same design for the longest period in its life! could bear more regular in-depth articles for sure, and I hope 2005 brings that.

I published my first article last year for e-Pro Magazine, but alas that particular avenue is now closed. I did enjoy seeing my name in print though ;-)

One final note of geekdom: 2004 is the year that saw me finally upgrade my home system from a tired revision B iMac (circa 1998) to a spiffy flat-screen iMac G4, courtesy of eBay. What a smashing treat — compounded by the addition of a digital camera birthday present.

More posts as the week continues, but what have been the highlights for you?


  1. Hi Ben

    quick question - how do you use the Mac when you are going Notes Development? I was thinking of getting a Mac but since Notes does not run well I have not actually ever taken the plunge :o(

    Speak to you later - have a great new year.

    Ursusursus schneider#
  2. Good question, with a simple answer: I don’t! I know some people use VirtualPC etc., but I just leave well alone. My Mac just runs the normal 6.5.3 client, and my development at work happens on Stinky, my trusty ThinkPad.

    That said, I don’t think I’d bother with a Mac designer client if one were available: too many things don’t work in the Mac implementation (decent keyboard support, mousewheel support, no Java, etc.) I’m just waiting for the Workplace / Notes hybrid client, ’cause Eclipse works like a dream on a Mac!Ben Poole#

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