More stories in 2005!

For me, a “humanities” — or “liberal arts” — type, it’s all about the story. I’ve read Ned Batchelder’s site since the beginning because he tells good geek stories well. This then developed with on-line essays from Paul Graham (much as I often disagree with him once we’re done with Hackers & Painters) and of course, Joel Spolsky (hey, I’m often at odds with him too!). The geek story famously came to a head early in the year with the launch of Andy Hertzfield’s site, which has since become a book.

As 2004 wore on, we were given the Audion story, closely followed by Ron Avitzur’s piece, The Graphing Calculator Story, which has recently done the blogosphere rounds. All tremendous. If you haven’t done so already, do please follow all these links and enjoy.

What’s the point of this post? Not much. Other than to say, thanks for the stories chaps: and bring on many more in 2005! My only hope is that some day I can join you in my own small way… :-)

Further reading: Giles Turnbull: Software stories.


  1. Another story!

    (Via Mr. Brill)Ben Poole#

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