Lotusphere bags

With the swelling noise coming from the heaps of you attending Lotusphere in a couple of weeks, imagine my surprise when I observed a Lotusphere rucksack in the wild! This morning, whilst trotting along East Cheap, I noticed a Lotusphere bag (2004 vintage). I was truly gob-smacked, and not just because of the rarity value… When I went to my one and only Lotusphere (Berlin, 2000), the bags provided didn’t even make it until the end of the week, such was their shoddy construction.

Things have obviously moved on. Or perhaps that’s why Lotusphere Europe stopped that year…

Anyway, just to make a change I’m not going to Lotusphere 2005, but I am not bitter; I’m sure that those in my firm who will be attending will no doubt share their thoughts and findings with the rest of us.

OK, time to stop being horrendously sarcastic. <smirk>


  1. Will they at least let you have the bag?Volker Weber#
  2. Yup. I have a collection of Lotusphere bags stretching back to the mid-nineties. One -the 2000 "yellow" bag has done sterling service as the daughters schoolbag, and for the last year as my "weekly clothes bag" - the joys of working away from home, week on week.

    Okay - its grubby as hell now (yellow is not a travel-friendly colour) and the nylon is *fraying* around the edges - but its still held together. Unlike the 15 buck wal-mart bag I had to purchase at 1am on the morning we flew back. (Gaping holes, etc)

    I'm sure we can snag you a spare bag…

    Look on the bright side - Rocky says it'll be the best one ever. At least there'll be enough bloggers out there harping on about it. Sorry your missing it..

    ---* Bill "Thank god I'm not on a stand this year" BuchanWild Bill#
  3. Well I hope you guys that ARE going will be giving us plenty of blog updates about what is going on. Maybe someone could record it and podcast the lot ;O)

    Ben Rose#
  4. Podcast ? God.

    We're not all guardian reading, cardigan wearing, mac+pod users you know..


    ---* BillWild Bill#
  5. I listed to podcast on my Nokia cellphone bill :)Ben Rose#
  6. I have been thinking about doing some podcasting at LS. It would be fun to have group discussions and podcast them. I don't know however how many people would like to hear them.

    You could hear Wild Bill from ESPN, Julian after the Web Services session, Declan doing Karoke, Mike Bourak detailing the innards of domBulletin…..

    Thoughts? Bruce Elgort#
  7. I would love to have any podcasts from LS this year! I listen to podcasts on my Tungsten. Please let me know if/where they will be!Chris Copeland#

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