A Tudor whodunnit!

Time for a book recommendation. I’m not normally one for whodunnits, but I’m glad I made an exception with one of my recent reads. Dissolution by CJ Sansom is superb — especially when one considers it is also Mr. Sansom’s debut novel. The story is set during the reformation, when Henry VIII was on the throne. The tale is told from the perspective of Matthew Shardlake, a lawyer working for Cromwell in the dissolution of England’s monasteries. Shardlake takes his trusty side-kick Mark to a monastery suffering from more that its allotted mystery and intrigue — and of course, murder!

The story is a corker, the setting and historical background authentic, and the protagonist a sympathetic and compelling narrator. Thoroughly recommended, and look out for Sansom’s follow-up, Dark Fire — I know I will be!


  1. Agreed. CJ Sansom's books are a great read.Casey D. Copeland#

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