Screenshot of Teamstudio Script Browser in action: click to see full-size image.As you’ve hopefully already seen, Teamstudio have done all Domino developers a great service by releasing a class browser for Lotusscript. Oh, happy day!

A browser for perusing custom classes in script has been on the wish-list for years, yet IBM have always seemed disinclined to get with the programme and make the appropriate changes to Domino Designer. In the early stages of the Notes 7 beta, things were looking good, with the Domino Designer developers promising a class browser. However, a rare note of disappointment came from Lotusphere ’05 when these plans were shelved.

I find it extraordinary that we’ve done without for so long, especially given the complexity of things like the standard mail template — I would have thought that IBM’s own template developers were crying out for more control of their classes!

Oh well, no matter now, it’s all sorted thanks to Craig Schumann at Teamstudio. Bravo that man! Here’s what the Teamstudio site has to say about the utility:

The features of Teamstudio Script Browser are features that are found in most IDEs, except Domino Designer. It was out of frustration that Teamstudio created this tool for itself as a means of mitigating the tedium of using only the native script tools in Domino Designer. According to Teamstudio’s Notes Development Manager Craig Schumann, “I created Script Browser for myself, and it’s been an indispensable tool that I now can’t live without. In the first few weeks of having it, it’s saved me countless hours of pain and frustration. We figured if we can eliminate some of that frustration for other developers, then let’s make it widely available.”

Teamstudio Script Browser is a free download for registered site users, so don’t delay, get over there now!


  1. "I would have thought that IBM’s own template developers were crying out for more control of their classes"

    They were, and I'm guessing still are.Damien Katz#
  2. Also check out LS Class Buddy at

    I'm writing a review of it for Lotus AdvisorBob Balaban#
  3. Yes, I noticed tallk about LS Class Buddy… it’ll be interesting to see how the tools compare, although one feature of the TS product means it tends to go ahead for me…

    It’s free :-)

    Having used Script Browser for much of my coding today, I'm very happy with it. I'd like to be able to re-size the browser window, but that’s a minor quibble. I like the fact that it simply pulls out all class data from the current app, no fuss.

    Quick summary: Script Browser performs in typical Teamstudio style — it’s understated, and gets on with the job. Super!Ben Poole#
  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this… I was discussing the lack of improvement of the Domino development tooling with our IBM representative last week trying to get a hint as to when something would happen… Now I can let it rest - for a while… :-)Mikkel Heisterberg#

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