Introducing “Hannover”

Splendid stuff. Ed has revealed some detail about where Lotus Notes is going in his post entitled “Hannover” — announcing the next (post 7.0) version of Lotus Notes. The client looks very polished already, and I wonder how much input on the look and feel came from a recent survey IBM conducted on their web site? Certainly someone has been playing close attention to the user interface, easily the element of Notes that has been most moaned about (often with good reason).

Anyway, here’s the deal: Hannover (Notes 8) is based on the IBM managed client technology we’re already seeing as part of their Workplace Collaboration Services (WCS) offering, and it builds upon the work IBM are doing with the “Notes plug-in” for that technology. IBM expect Hannover to be released as a technology preview sometime early in 2006. This sounds achievable given how far along the line they are with the managed client. I really hope that there’s a similarly aggresive timetable for Linux and Mac users on this, once the Windoze client is out there: we need something usable dagnabbit! It’s also great to see proposed support for Activity Explorer in this client (apparently anyway, per the screenshots): that would work really well for Notes, and give this collaboration platform a real boost. I guess this means IBM must be planning on including doclink support for Activity Explorer eh! (explanation).

I wonder what this means for the “traditional” Notes client though? At one time there was talk of the Eclipse-based Notes 8 client having full feature parity with its traditional Notes client sibling. I wonder whether this is still the case, or whether the classic Notes client will be dead for Notes 8?

Anyway, kudos to the hard-working teams on this at IBM, and a big fat razz to Radicati et al.


  1. The 'traditional' Notes client isn't dead at "Hannover", but leveraging some of the new features will require the Eclipse-based version of Notes. This is an area where we still have more details to share, but the net message should be that we are evolving in the direction of the Eclipse/WCT client.Ed Brill#

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